Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Holiday Treats to Everyone - Be Nice to Your Teeth Too!

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful, safe and love-filled holiday season with family and friends. This is the time of year to indulge in yummy things for sure. I also wanted to share a post about caring for your teeth intelligently that I wrote a few months ago. Sugars can be a threat to dental health, as can a lack of knowledge about overall dental care. So enjoy, brush, and keep in mind these tips as the New Year comes around. May you be blessed with health, wealth and happiness in 2016.

Top Ten Mistakes People Make About Dental Care
by Stephen H. Hook, DDS   Westchester Los Angeles CA Dentist

As I drive around my neighborhood in Westchester CA near the Los Angeles International Airport I see countless numbers of dental offices and clinics all bidding for your patronage.  I see billboards, newspaper advertisements and internet coupons offering information and bargains for dental work.  Also 70% of the patients I see have third-party dental insurance which many times can be a source of confusion for you the average consumer.  Hoping to help clear up the misconceptions I hereby offer my top ten delusions people have about dental care.
Normal teeth are various shades from ivory, light yellow or gray to a slight brown cast.  Almost never are natural teeth even close to perfectly white.  Tooth Whitening is quite popular and can be very expensive and is nearly always TEMPORARY.  The teeth will return slowly to their natural shades unless bleached repeatedly.  Overly white teeth are unnatural and draw attention away from the eyes which are the most important facial asset for attractiveness. So remember, teeth whitening is temporary. Continue reading

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